PT. Synapsis Sinergi Digital
Connect Everything
Job Description
  • Analyze, design, and develop IoT Device and its program.
  • Researching, developing, and maintaining systems and components.
  • Testing and troubleshooting systems and applications.
  • Design, prototyping, and testing system algorithms.
  • Collect sensor data to the device using an available interface.
General Requirements
  • Undergraduate students (3rd or 4th year), Diploma Student (Last Year), or Fresh graduate (max 1 year) from engineering or other related majors.
  • Minimum 3.00 of 4.00 GPA.
  • Eager to learn, high motivation.
  • Versatile and having a good work ethic.
  • Creative and able to work in a team.
  • Committed to work minimum 4 months.
  • Proficient in using Office Software (Microsoft Office, WPS, Polaris, LibreOffice).
Specific Requirements
  • Familiar with microprocessors (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc).
  • Familiar with Ubuntu Operating System.
  • Understand Basic C++.
  • Understanding Phyton and its framework is a plus.
  • Understanding Design PCB Board is a plus.
  • Having experience in developing IoT devices.
  • Certificate and Allowance.
  • 24 Hour Office (AC + WiFi).
  • Dormitory (if required).
  • Round-trip Economy Class Ticket Train.
  • Start-up Mentoring.
  • Work in Team Experiences.
  • Extended Network.
Duration of employment
  • Minimum 4 months.
Beginning of employment
  • Flexible can be adjusted according to campus policy.

Further information: [email protected]