PT. Synapsis Sinergi Digital
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Job Description
  • Analyze, Design, and Prototype electric system.
  • Conduct limited testing of a system developed to ensure quality.
  • Create a single line diagram, shop drawing, DED, as-built drawing, and BoQ of the system.
  • Troubleshooting system.
General Requirements
  • Graduate from Bachelor, Diploma 3, or Diploma 4 degree from the electrical engineer or other related majors.
  • Minimum 3.00 of 4.00 GPA.
  • Eager to learn, high motivation.
  • Versatile and having a good work ethic.
  • Creative and able to work in a team.
  • Willing follow a probation period for a maximum of 4 months to get a job contract offers based on performance review.
  • Proficient in using Office Software (Microsoft Office, WPS, Polaris, LibreOffice).
Specific Requirements
  • Understand calculation, design dan prototype of the solar power system.
  • Have knowledge of creating and understand single line diagrams, shop drawings, DED, and as-built drawings.
  • Able to create BoQ for a given technical drawing.
  • Understand troubleshoot of the electric system.

Further information: [email protected]